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Danny Shelton is the founder of Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), a nonprofit organization with the vision to "mend broken people" through the powerful messages of God's Word. 3ABN's ministry accomplishes this goal with 24-hour-a-day television and radio networks, as well as the far-reaching ministries of 3ABN Books and 3ABN Music.

3ABN started in 1984 when Danny Shelton was impressed to build a television station which would reach the world. With God's blessings, 3ABN's networks are a reality today!

3ABN has two television networks: 3ABN Television (in English) and 3ABN Latino (carrying Spanish and Portuguese language programs). Both of these, along with 3ABN Radio Network, are distributed worldwide on multiple satellites, covering every inhabited continent of the world. In addition, 3ABN programming is carried globally on more than 100 television stations and more than a thousand cable outlets.

3ABN programming addresses the most common problems people face, offering solutions through health, lifestyle, and spiritually motivating programs. 3ABN also offers programming designed to address family issues, addictions, and social problems. Russian language programming is also produced in the 3ABN Russian production center in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, which produces programs broadcast in more than 150 cities throughout the former Soviet Union.

Danny has a daughter and eight grandchildren. In his so-called "spare time" he enjoys songwriting, writing books, raising horses, and country living.

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