Daily Devotion

Thank God for Family

Families are one of God’s precious gifts! They come in all different combinations, but the purpose is the same—so that we can love and support each other through this difficult journey of life. How sad it is when there’s fighting and jealousy inside the family. Oh so much joy is missed because of selfishness and pride.
Some people may not have family that is blood related, but you still belong to a family—the best family ever: the family of God! This forever family is made up of believers who are connected through faith. Brothers and sisters in your church should be there to encourage, help, and spiritually uplift each other! Pray and ask God to make you the brother or sister He wants you to be!
Throw criticism, jealousy, and hatred out the window and replace them with an extra measure of God’s love for your fellowmen! The result will be a much more rewarding, uplifting, and happy life, filled to overflowing with God’s gift of joy! Texts: Romans 14:10 (ISV), 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Matthew 12:48-50, Philippians 2:3