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Here you will find additional website resources that will serve to encourage you as you walk with Jesus.


Broadcasting the good news of Jesus Christ world-wide. Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is the "Mending Broken People Network," a 24-hour Christian television and radio network with programs to reach people right where they are hurting.

Dare to Dream Network

Our inner cities are in crisis. Crime, poverty, substance abuse, the erosion of the family unit, and chronic health concerns are just a few of the challenges facing urban residents. 3ABN Dare to Dream network is designing programming that addresses these issues, with practical tools for living, and a spiritual perspective.

Reggie and Ladye Love Smith

Reggie and Ladye Love Smith have been part of the Gaither Homecoming family for over a decade, first as back-up singers in Nashville and later as a vocal duet featured on countless Homecoming concerts, tapings and recordings.

Kenneth Cox Ministries

Kenneth Cox Ministries is a global mission through live presentations, satellite TV, video, audio and it reaches out to share God's eternal Word around the world. Our ministry aims to impart a clear understanding of what Jesus is doing now, how it relates to you and how to build a lasting personal relationship with Jesus. It also aims at understanding the keys that unlock the book of Revelation together with many more exiting topics.

The Micheff Sisters

The Micheff Sisters, Brenda, Cinda and Linda, have authored five vegan-vegetarian cookbooks and have recorded four traditional Gospel CDs. You can watch them cook up some fun on the 3ABN Today Cooking programs.

The Carter Report

John Carter, is president of The Carter Report Ministry located in Los Angeles, CA. For more than 50 years he has traveled the world, conducting campaigns in Australia, America, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, India, Jamaica, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea. He can be seen on 3ABN’s weekly broadcast and on The Carter Report website.

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts is a Christian media ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels message of Revelation 14. God’s Message Is Our Mission!


The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS) is a non-profit volunteer relief organization founded in 1978 and registered in the state of Alabama in 1993. Its mission is to eliminate hunger, poverty, and disease, and to improve education and food security among suffering people, both nationally and internationally, regardless of race, religion or nationality.

It Is Written

It Is Written is a deeply spiritual ministry passionate about communicating the Gospel to the world. It Is Written seeks to impact lives for Christ in four ways—through the weekly telecast, the Internet, a worldwide evangelistic ministry, and Christian living and faith-sharing resources.

Ellen White Estate

Ellen White Estate, Inc. is an organization created by the last will and testament of Ellen G. White to act as her agent in the custody of her writings, handling her properties, "conducting the business thereof," "securing the printing of new translations," and the "printing of compilations from my manuscripts."

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